Arkay Tashi of Bo Everglo Aruba Padma of Bo Sharbo Arubas Real Mccoy
Everglo Aruba Angel
Ch. Arkay Robbee's Lite Em Up Ch. Logjam Foo Lish Pleasure
Ch. Arkay Copper Top
Arkay Everglo Cimba of Bo Everglo Nova Panchen of Bo Everglo Dancing Flame
Everglo Red Fantasy
Ch. Arkay Robbee's Lite Em Up Ch. Logjam Foo Lish Pleasure
Ch. Arkay Copper Top



Prescious is the most beautiful bitch I have ever seen, she is the Lhasa Apso I have been waiting 20 years for. She is the Once In A Life Time Apso! The day we first met was October 19 2006 in Plymouth, MI, USA, and I will always remember this moment. We bounded immediately, all I could do was stare at her and cry, and stumble: "oh my goodness, she is sooooo beautiful...".

Vesna and I spent a lot of time with her and decided she is our "Duchess". Every night she was sleeping on our bed and woke us up in the morning with lots of kisses. We could not have wished for a more beautiful and sweet Lhasa!

Prescious was born May 6th 2004. She also carries the Arkay name as a tribute to Bill and Becky Kraus the renowned owners of Arkay Kennels. This way the Arkay prefix will carry on.

While I was in the USA I talked to Becky Kraus, and she was delighted to hear that Precious was going home with me. Becky, and Bill, we will do you proud!

Unfortunately I couldn't take Prescious home with me right away, because she was pregnant and almost due by the time I went home. We didn't want to take any chances, so we decided she was going to stay, have her babies, raise them and then she would be shipped to me. The next few months lasted a lifetime... Every time I called, I asked the phone to be put down next to Prescious and then I talked to her. I knew she would never forget me, but I wanted to stay in touch with her.

In January 2007 Prescious was given a microchip and rabies vaccination, and we started to make preperations for her trip home. Since so many rules had changed as of Januari 1st it was a hell of a job to arrange everything, but we made it. On February 28 Vesna took a flight to Amsterdam to be there with me when our Duchess would arrive. On March 2nd at at 06.23 AM flight NW40 from Detroit touched down in Amsterdam and Prescious was in The Netherlands!

DHL employer Marc was our agent, and he did a fantastic job. Not only had he been a great help in getting all the paperwork done, but he also supported Vesna and me emotionally while we were waiting for our dogs (Prescious was accompanied by Wicket and Jussy). Thank you so much Marc, your help and support was fantastic!

After taxes were paid and papers signed, Marc took us outside to the van where the dogs were waiting for us. Of course you can imagine our tears started running when we saw them again! Prescious heard my voice, looked up at me and started wagging her tail. When I picked her up she gave me kisses and wrapped herself in my arms, being totally satisfied.

We drove home with our angels, and when we got there I carried Prescious inside, showing her her new home. She walked around, inspecting every room and then jumped on the sofa, looking at me as if she was saying: "Hey, I'm finally home mommy!". She felt comfortable here right away, it is like she has always lived here...

She is enjoying her new life to the max, became close friends with Milo the minute they met and is having a ball playing with our two cats. Of course, her place at night is on my bed too, so it's getting pretty crowded! She made her debute in the Dutch show ring on June 16th, 2007.

In January she opened for Slovenian Champion, in March for International Champion and in May for Croatian Champion. In June she won the title Adria Winner 2008, and she qualified for Crufts. Vesna and I are só proud of her!

Prescious was eye tested clear on October 18th, 2008.

My sweet little angel passed away on January 20, 2009... I miss her so much, life will never be the same without her, but she will be remembered and loved forever...


My song for Prescious...
Life feels as though that it could end
Prescious was my closest friend
She was, and is 'my life' forever
We will always, always be together

Let God take my baby
Let him take care of my lady
We will meet one day together
My love will always be forever

Remembering the good days
Remembering her enchanting ways
Remembering the happiness
That we both shared together

My heart will ache, my eyes will cry
My head will spin, my tears will never dry
Keeping my memories alive, let Prescious survive
In my heart and my mind, let Rainbow Bridge unwind

Goodnight little baby and don´t you cry
The time came to say goodbye
Angels will love and care for you
Just as your Mommy did for you
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Tears of joy, she is here!!
Friends forever...
Play Prescious's song
Prescious at her first show in Almere, on June 16th, 2007