Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have. Your inquiry will be handled with the utmost care and your privacy is guaranteed.
Kyechu Lhasa Apsos breeds only according the regulations of the Dutch breed club. Therefore, in you want to use one of our males as stud, we will ask the owner of the bitch for a copy of her pedigree and a copy of her PRA/cataract test results. We will also ask for copies of two show critiques of the bitch you want to breed. This way we assured that a responsible breeding will take place.
New puppy owners will be screened and references are required. Puppies will only go to new homes with a contract. Conditions of the contract may vary per puppy. The conditions will be discussed with the prospective puppy owners. This way both Kyechu Lhasa Apsos ánd the new puppy owner will be protected.
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