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Name: Marko
Date Posted: 19:30, 21 11 2010
Message: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzUK-JXFIY4

Name: Matt Fowler
E-mail: matt@musicgenerations.com
Date Posted: 06:44, 19 11 2010
Message: Gloria is my grandmother and I thank you for the words that I just read on your website. It's amazing to read about my grandma from other people that had some much respect and admiration for her.

Name: Unbekannt
Date Posted: 20:47, 02 11 2010
Message: Please take a look at this website. I think this are pictures of your or Vesna`s Lhasa Apso before and after grooming. Did this person use this pictures with your permission?

Name: Lia
E-mail: liellenli@googlemail.com
Date Posted: 01:09, 30 12 2009
Message: Hi Monique - Hope you had a great christmas although very sad due to the absence of Prescious and I wish you much good health, wealth and happiness for 2010 and .............HAPPY BIRTHDAY - we are so close in our birthdays. Lots of Love - Lia xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: Ina Kuhls
E-mail: tibethunde@gmx.de
Date Posted: 10:23, 26 12 2009

von Ina Kuhls und Beertje

Name: linda.bellens
E-mail: linda.bellens@tekenet.be
Date Posted: 11:38, 22 12 2009
Message: linda en martine bellens deroo wensen u en uw familie een vrolijk kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuwjaar 2010

Name: marko frey
E-mail: info@freylhasaapso.com
Date Posted: 19:41, 15 10 2009
Message: Dear Monique
our Buddha finaly have breed licence, he is negative on PRA eye illnes and bones test is super 5+. hope you are proud like we are.kises, Marko, Saba, Nur, Buddha, Shiwa and Tadji the kit cat

Name: Silvia Grimm
E-mail: grimm.weiler@t-online.de
Date Posted: 21:06, 19 06 2009
best wishes from Germany,
i was here again,
very attractive Site and nice Dogs,
Silvia,Bernd and Standardpoodles.

Name: leoni
E-mail: himalaya-hills@live.nl
Date Posted: 06:05, 07 06 2009
Message: Gefeliciteerd met de dames beide met hun Best in Show Baby resultaat .

Name: Lia
Date Posted: 01:18, 04 06 2009
Message: Hi there Prescious, how are you today
Your friends on here think of you everyday
Up there over the Bridge must be fun
With your friends you will run and run

Have you met some of our guys and girls
Oh gosh you must be having real twirls
So good that you are where you should be
Dancing and singing oh so free

Love for you will forever go on
You have no need to worry about your Mom
She loves you through and through
And she will never, ever forget little you

Time will pass and you will meet
Wait little girl for that real treat
Hug each other like no other time
For you will both be forever entwined

Sleep tight little lady and look from above
See the stars and your Mom's love
One day you will be together
Then it will be you both forever

Name: Dominique
E-mail: no
Date Posted: 21:29, 07 05 2009
Message: Lovely website, and very very nice Lhasa Apsos!

Name: Lia
E-mail: liellenli@googlemail.com
Date Posted: 23:21, 06 05 2009
Message: Hi Monique

Thinking of you on Prescious's 5th birthday that should have been. Love Lia xx xxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: Lia
E-mail: liellenli@googlemail.com
Date Posted: 22:23, 24 03 2009
Message: Hi Monique

Ive just watched the videos - are they are fantastic. The second video had me laughing with joy at the end when all the pups came running towards the camera lol so funny and so beautiful.

I took another look at Prescious too - I will never forget her. RIP little sweetheart xxxxxx

I love all he photos on your site - my daughter found the 'feeding' pics quite comical lol and I also love the one where one pup is asleep in the weighing scales.

Well done Monique (and to your friend Marion also) - they are all gorgeous. Love Lia xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: marko fereni frey
E-mail: info@freylhasaapso.com
Date Posted: 14:53, 22 02 2009
Message: mrs Von Boxtel, you are idol and example for me. i pray for vonderful days, ewery night i see them in my dreams, i love you, Marko

Name: Jess
E-mail: info@vdpacificparadise.nl
Date Posted: 10:06, 16 02 2009
Message: Heeey Mo!

Weer leuke nieuwe foto's!!Je hebt ze toch ook wel naar mijn mail gestuurd he???hahahha.
Ik wilde je nog even hartelijk bedank voor het showen van mijn kleine Tara beertje!!

Groetjes Jess

Name: iris kamp
E-mail: iriskamp@hotmail.de
Date Posted: 12:40, 27 01 2009
Message: 'I have heard from your terrible news ! I was so upsetting!
Your lovely Presious is going in dogs heaven..
I wish all the best for you and the little puppies!
yours iris

Name: leoni
E-mail: himalaya-hills@live.nl
Date Posted: 20:22, 25 01 2009
Message: lieve mo
in alle dingen om ons heen zal pres er altijd bij zijn
ze zal een plekje hebben in ons hart en in het jouwe
ook in deze moeilijke tijd een hele warme arm van mij en britje om je heen

Name: Lia
E-mail: liellenli@googlemail.com
Date Posted: 13:24, 23 01 2009
Message: Hello my friend, I have informed the members for you as requested. My heart bleeds so much and forever I will always remember beautiful Prescious. RIP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: Kimberley McCosh
E-mail: kimberley.mccosh@virgin.net
Date Posted: 13:14, 23 01 2009
Message: I just want to let you know that you and little prescious (and the presils) are in my thoughts. It was so upsetting to hear the terrible news.

Love Kim x

Name: Jovana Danilovic
E-mail: jovana.danilovic@gmail.com
Date Posted: 17:27, 14 01 2009
Message: Ulala here is a lot of news!
Congratulation on pups! I hopw we will got a lot photos of pups!

Happy New Year and all the best!!

Jovana & Ghandi

Name: Susanne Borchert
E-mail: UdoBorchert@t-online.de
Date Posted: 09:22, 10 01 2009
Message: Hallo Monique,
wir wünschen Dir alles Liebe für Deinen
Wurf und drücken ganz fest die Daumen für Pres
Liebe Grüße

Name: Bert & Grady
E-mail: info@lhasa-apsos.nl
Date Posted: 12:55, 01 01 2009
Message: We wensen je een gelukkig en vooral een goed showjaar toe

Groetjes kennel Tsang-U-Li

Name: Baci
E-mail: tonghua.apsos@gmail.com
Date Posted: 08:44, 29 12 2008
Message: Hey, babe!
How are you doin'?
I miss our sweet moments, my dear.....

Mom told me you will give me lot of sons, I'm proud. Be good, honey!

Lovin' ya, your Basil

Name: marko fereni frey
E-mail: info@freylhasaapso.com
Date Posted: 15:42, 27 12 2008
Message: dear Monique, we wish you all best for your birthday! i know that press have most wonderful prezent, little press babys so i must be wery creativ to find nice gift for mademoiselle Monique

Name: Stefani Madeira Martins
E-mail: claudiomartins@freenet.de
Date Posted: 17:55, 22 12 2008
Message: Dear Monique,

we wish you and your family a merry christmas an a happy, healthy and successfull new year.


Name: Jessica
E-mail: info@vdpacificparadise.nl
Date Posted: 17:14, 17 11 2008
Message: Hey lieve Pres!Ik wilde even zeggen dat je geweldig was gister!Super gedaan hoor!
En nu voortaan altijd zo netjes he!

Knuffel en Kusjes Jess

Name: Dusky
E-mail: dusky@vdpacificparadise.nl
Date Posted: 00:36, 07 11 2008
Message: Hey lieve Pres!
Koekjes genoeg hoor!ik zal proberen ze niet allemaal op te eten!ik ben alweer aan het oefenen aan mijn tapdance act..

Dikke knuffel Dusky

Name: Lia
E-mail: liairedale@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 22:35, 30 10 2008
Message: Hi Monique, how are you? Your site is looking good and Precious is as ever a stunner!I think they are all gorgeous as you know. Love the layout - superb and very professional. Thanks again for all your kindness and your friendship and don't forget, when we come over, we will let you know.

Oh and thanks for all your input on the forum and for those who are reading this, it is not 'forum.net' as in the previous comment - it is actually 'lhasa-apso-forums.com' - just so that there is no confusion. Monique, you have been a star and will always remain one.

Love always, Lia xxxxxxxx

Name: Bumble
Date Posted: 19:15, 30 10 2008
Message: Stunning dogs, well done... beautiful photos.


Name: monique carlier
E-mail: monique.carlier@versateladsl.be
Date Posted: 10:48, 14 10 2008
Message: hallo Monique
proficiat met de behaalde resultaten van je prachtige lhasa's
groetjes Monique

Name: wittemaltezertje sitaatje
E-mail: sitaatje@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 20:15, 08 09 2008
Message: http://sitaatje.intropagina.nl/
wat een schattige hondjes heb je
maar ook een leuke website heb je gemaakt.
heel veel pootjes van het witte maltezertje sitaatje

Name: Vesna
E-mail: kosmatiprinc@email.si
Date Posted: 08:52, 03 09 2008
Message: CONGRATULATIONS on the wonderful wonderful results in Rotterdam!!! We all miss you so much, so come back quick!!!! Deadline for Maribor and our speciality is closing soon.... ;)

Big kiss!!!

Name: Jessica
E-mail: info@vdpacificparadise.
Date Posted: 23:28, 01 09 2008
Message: Gefeliciteerd met de resultaten in Rotterdam!
opening op het kampioenschap is begonnen!haha.

Gr. Jess

Name: Dusky
E-mail: info@vdpacificparadise.nl
Date Posted: 00:06, 22 08 2008
Message: Hey Lieve Pres!

Wat ik nu toch hoor.Ik mag de volgende keer niet mee naar jou.Ik was zo boos weet je wat ik vandaag daarom gedaan heb.Een heel stapel kranten verscheurd door heel de huiskamer.(Ik dacht dan krijgen de pups wel op hun donder,maar ik was vergeten dat die in de ren zaten!)en alle krantenknipsels hingen in mijn sik.Dus oei..
Maar goed dan weten ze wel hoe ik daar over denk!haha.

Dikke knuffel en een hoop kusjes (want dat kan ik tegenwoordig) van je maatje Dusky

Name: Vesna
E-mail: kosmatiprinc@email.si
Date Posted: 10:16, 24 07 2008
Message: ohhhh.... and one creature died last night. I think he drowned in too much water... HAHAHA, that's very typical Vesna....... :D

Name: Vesna
E-mail: kosmatiprinc@email.si
Date Posted: 10:12, 24 07 2008
Message: Dear sis.....

I miss you already! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for wonderful, wonderful time, all presents, all kisses (from dogs, I mean ;) ...) talks, shared cigarettes... I still practice word "LIGA" so next time we see again, and tell you want I want to eat with you in bed together, you will know what I mean.
BIG BIG kiss to all!!!!!

Name: Marko Fereni Frey
E-mail: info@freylhasaapso.com
Date Posted: 00:18, 02 06 2008
Message: Dear Monique
i love you sooo much. cungratulstions on Press Slovenian/Croatian results and Vesnas and Mateys care!!!i hope to see you soon, Frey lhasa apso kennel we f u

Name: Simona
E-mail: pokicaladi@email.si
Date Posted: 13:49, 26 05 2008
Message: Hay!
Cungratulations for Croaria CAC and res.CACIB!!!!Presibes its wonderful!!
Big kiss!I miss you!!!!

Name: Jessica
E-mail: info@vdpacificparadise.nl
Date Posted: 13:02, 06 05 2008
Message: Nog van harte gefeliciteerd met Stressebes!!!
Geniet nog maar lekker van de vakantie,want voor je het weet staan we alweer in Arnhem!

Groetjes Jess

E-mail: lhasamom@fidmail.com
Date Posted: 23:32, 21 02 2008

Name: leoni van Denderen
E-mail: leonie@himalaya-hills.nl
Date Posted: 17:46, 15 01 2008
Message: supper gedaan pres en vrouwtje
mijn complimenten
en ook de andere vriendjes van je
van ons dikke proficiat
leoni foep en britney

Name: charlotte & Frank
E-mail: charlotte@crystal-eyes.dk
Date Posted: 16:31, 21 12 2007
Message: Hi Monique
Frank and I,want to wish you and all your loved ones,a Very MERRY Christmas,and a HAPPY and PEACEFULL NEW YEAR.
We also wish you lots of sucess in and outside the Showring in 2008.
Best Wishes
Charlotte & Frank.

Name: helma
Date Posted: 12:30, 14 12 2007
Message: wij wensen jullie, en jullie bezoekers
fijne feestdagen en een goed 2008
en een succes vol hondenjaar voor 2008

groetjes helma & henk

Name: Annette
E-mail: xsanda@xsanda.se
Date Posted: 22:26, 07 12 2007
Message: Hi, I was just surfing around and find your website.
You have very nice site and beautiful Lhasa Apso.
Best Regards Annette Xsanda Lhasa Apso in Sweden

Name: Simona
E-mail: pokicaladi@email.si
Date Posted: 00:51, 28 11 2007
Message: Hay Monique!
Congratulations for 3 place!!

Name: dr. s. chakrabarty
E-mail: anitasudip@rediffmail.com
Date Posted: 19:50, 27 11 2007
Message: fabulous. I just bumped onto your site and its amazing. We have been breeding lhasa in INDIA since last 18 years mainly based on Saxonspring's bloodline from U.K. please visit our small website named http://deepanikennels.googlepages.com
where you can see some of our dogs photos. Please send your constructive criticism.

Name: Monique Blasius le Jay
E-mail: lejay.monique@gmail.com
Date Posted: 18:03, 03 11 2007
Message: Hi Monique, you have beautiful dogs. I admire your goals and wish you all the best. I love visiting your pages and seeing the love and attention you lavish on your dogs.

Name: Jane Reedtz Andersen
E-mail: lhasaapso@mail.dk
Date Posted: 23:44, 21 09 2007
Message: Hi Monique.
Great lhasa apsos :-). Beautiful pictures.

Jane (Denmark)

Name: iris kamp
E-mail: lhasa-apso@versanet.de
Date Posted: 23:13, 23 08 2007
Message: Dear Monique,
every time it`s nice to visit your page and see your typical Apsos and I feel, that you have much happyness with all your dogs and friends.
I hope we see us again , soon.
Best wishes from the Lhasa Apso Kennel Kji Tch`ung Tch`ung and Iris Kamp

Name: Marion
E-mail: lhasaapso@casewma.nl
Date Posted: 13:30, 04 08 2007
Message: Hoi Moon, van Harte Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe functie in het bestuur.



Name: Simona
E-mail: pokicaladi@email.si
Date Posted: 16:33, 30 07 2007
Message: Dear sister!
You have very wonderful little boy!This is my small baby.Keeper my angel!I miss you and your children.Your site is soo good!!Bay,bay
To see in oktober! Simona

Name: Suvi
E-mail: suvi.ranta@mail.suomi.net
Date Posted: 20:55, 28 07 2007
Message: Hi!
Lovely new boy;congratulation!Wish you have lot of nice and happy time whit your lovely apsos and keep up good work;you have nice site:-)

Name: Jess
E-mail: info@lhasa-apso-forum.com
Date Posted: 16:48, 12 07 2007
Message: Hi there you have a great site and stunning dogs, well done.

Name: Marion
E-mail: lhasaapso@casema.nl
Date Posted: 22:06, 17 06 2007
Message: Boven verwachting, zoals ze kwam. Moon, je heb zo je best op haar gedaan. Van Harte GEFELICTEERD, met je eerste show in jaren.En al je eerste U te pakken, ik weet zeker er zullen er nog vele volgen.



Name: Paula Forsbacka
Date Posted: 18:59, 22 03 2007
Message: Hi, I was just surfing around and find your website.
I like your apsos very much. They are just that type I like :)
I hope I am lucky to own one like that someday.


Name: linda bellens- deroo martine
E-mail: mi-amor@ telenet.be
Date Posted: 13:06, 28 12 2006
Message: prettige feestdagen en bedankt voor het fijne gesprek je hebt wondermooie honden groetjes linda en martine

Name: Julia
Date Posted: 12:01, 15 11 2006
Message: Hi Monique, I hope you remember me, we talked in Poznan at the World Show. The judging there was really really bad, good dicision of you to pull the bitches you and Vesna entered. Only two Lhasas were worth being placed and those were the originally best male from Holland and the bitch from France. This judge clearly doens't recognize good type, it was such a bad day for the breed.

Her dicision of taking away the titles of the male of the lady that was with you was absurd. Ok, he bit her and he is not ever allowed to do that, but he behaved perfectly during the other judging! The reaction to taking his titles away by the El Minja's people and their handler was sick, everybody saw them clapping and cheering and is still talking about it. After I got home I heard why the El Minja's guy went into the ring and what he told the judge. That is even more sick.

No one of the true type breeders will ever enter under this judge again. Good luck at your next show, and tell your friend we will all remember her dog as the one and only Wold Champion 2006!

Regards, Julia

Name: Vesna Krajnc
E-mail: kosmatiprinc@email.si
Date Posted: 11:49, 21 10 2006
Message: Dear sis,
they say everyone has his own guardian angel. I met mine...
Thank you for beeing my sister, my friend, my leader, my angel. And thank you for letting me be your friend.

Apsolutelly love ya!

P.S. kids are kisses you and saying they miss you.

Name: Zsuzsa & Gabor Csizmadia
E-mail: sayonaralhasa@freemail.hu
Date Posted: 14:28, 21 09 2006
Message: Nice site and lhasa apsos, good luck to the future.

Kind regards

Sayonara Lhasa apsos!!!

Name: ed
E-mail: moxie17@verizon.net
Date Posted: 00:18, 20 09 2006
Message: monique, i love your site and your apsos..thank you so much for being a true friend. ed;-)

Name: Jolanda
E-mail: rjmploeg@wxs.nl
Date Posted: 14:15, 03 06 2006
Message: Hai there,

I like your doggies very much.
they are very lovely. nice side also.
kind regards, jolanda:)

Name: joanita
E-mail: joanita@lhasa-apso.ch
Date Posted: 18:47, 01 06 2006
Message: was nog de hartelijke groeten uit zwitserland vergeten :-()

Name: Zinszner Joanita
E-mail: oanita@lhasa-apso.ch
Date Posted: 18:45, 01 06 2006
Message: Hallo,
Geweldig uw nieuwe site !!! Ook de oudere vond ik al héél interessant. De "echte" Lhasas zijn fantastisch !!! Bin verlieft op zwarte hondjes:)

Name: yvonne
E-mail: m.vanleeuwen@wanadoo.nl
Date Posted: 23:08, 07 05 2006
Message: Wat goed dat je na die lange rit al de foto er op hebt staan. Mooie site erg overzichtelijk .
Groetjes Yvonne
(ik was bij marion )

Name: Marie Allman
E-mail: wjallman@hal-pc.org
Date Posted: 17:28, 07 05 2006
Message: Love your new site. Will send updates soon. Am recovering from shoulder surgery and can not use my right arm, so typing is difficult. :)

Name: nathalie
E-mail: nathaliebrouwer@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 23:02, 02 05 2006
Message: hai mo ik vind dat je er weer mooi werk er van gemaakt heb het ziet er top uit.
net als je andere werk top en je honden zijn ook toppie!!! tot snel
groetjes nathalie assistent van marion;-)

Name: Kerrie Mansell
E-mail: kerrie@upnaway.com
Date Posted: 16:37, 02 05 2006
Message: Hi Monique
Great site. It is a reflection above all of the love and dedication that you have for our breed and those that have shared their legacy with you. Good luck with your dogs and the quest to preserve the Tibetan Lhasa Apso

Name: Karin Acker
E-mail: uacker@t-online.de
Date Posted: 11:07, 02 05 2006
Message: Hi Monique

a very nice site! I wish you all success for you and your ideas, the best for this wonderful breed

Kind regards
Karin Acker and the Apsos

Name: Arnold Townson
E-mail: sairkyi@aapt.net.au
Date Posted: 03:26, 02 05 2006
Message: Hi Monique, the new page looks soooo good. Good luck with your dreams and pursuits. We send you our love and all good wishes for health and happiness.
Arnold & Larry.:)

Name: Betty L. Ingram
E-mail: bokennels@yahoo.com
Date Posted: 19:08, 01 05 2006
Message: Congratulations on your new site. It is apsolutely wonderful as always.

Lhasa Luv, Mom