Everglo Nova Nag-Po of Bo
Everglo Dancing Flame
Everglo Ceba Ri-Ba
Everglo Ramblin Megan
Chiyoko R A Ke-Tu Bo
Chiyoko's Wind B'Neath My Wings
Tall Oaks Tibetan Treasure
Kai-La-Sha Silly 'Nilly
Ch. Kai-La-Sha Tom-Tru
Ch. Ja-Ma's Infra Red
Ch. Kai-La-Sha Kha-Char
Kai-La-Sha Pink Peony
Ch. Kai-La-Sha Rahu-La O' Ja-Ma
Kai-La-Sha Indian Summer



In the fall of 2001, Primoz Peer, a Tibetan Spaniel breeder from Slovenia, put me in touch with Vesna Krajnc. Vesna, who lives in Celje, was breeding Lhasa Apsos under the Tong-Hua prefix. She was very interested in obtaining a male from the old lines. She saw DJ on my website and asked me when he was coming to The Netherlands because she was interested in using him at stud or getting a puppy out of him.

At that time there were no plans for DJ to cross the ocean. I did tell Vesna that I was getting a puppy back from the Lamel kennels as payment for using him as a stud. We agreed that if this puppy had show potential and breeding qualities, he would be hers.

When I arrived in the United States and saw the puppy, I knew that this was not was the puppy Vesna was looking for. I discussed the matter with Betty and we decided to let another puppy, that looked very promising, go to Vesna. This handsome little guy was Tanner.

On November 4, 2001, I boarded the flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt, Germany with Tanner. My flight was delayed, so when I arrived at Frankfurt International Airport I rushed off of the plane and ran downstairs to arrivals. At first I couldn't find Vesna, I asked for help from some of the airport staff. With their help Vesna and I found each other. The moment we met it felt like we were like long lost family members finally finding each other again.

Vesna couldn't believe that Tanner was really going to be hers. She couldn't believe her dream would become reality. Although we only had about 15 minutes to spend together, those minutes changed both of our lives and we immediately knew we would become best friends. After hugging her and Tanner and wishing them all the very best, I rushed back to thw departure gate to catch my flight to Amsterdam. Vesna then went home with her treasure.

Over the years Vesna had done exceptionally well with Tanner, who is now 4 years old. He not only has had a super career as a show dog, but more importantly, he is her companion. Tanner became a champion in 4 European countries and has won some very prestigious titles:

  • International Champion
  • Slovenian Youth Champion
  • Croatian Youth Champion
  • Slovenian Champion
  • Croatian Champion
  • Bosnian Champion
  • Austrian Champion

  • Club Winner 2002
  • Top Slovenian Lhasa Apso Male 2002
  • Bundessieger 2005
  • BIS Junior Winner

Tanner is sired by Po (Everglo Nova Nag-Po of Bo) and has the same lovely temperment as his father. He is well built and well proportioned. He is 26 centimeters tall and has a beautiful, typical head with perfect bite and beautiful expression. On Tibet Dog Europe 2003 Tanner was awarded with the titles for "best head" and "best movement", under the respected judge and breed specialist Mr. Herbel, Tabu Lhasa Apsos. He is cream colored, with black tips and mask, and his coat is harsh and dense.

We like him also as a stud dog, because he passed down his typical beautiful head and well proportioned body.

Lazy Tanner at home
Tannet at Tibet Dog Europe 2005
Please let me sleep...
Teenager Tanner
Tannet at Tibet Dog Europe 2003
Completing Croatian Championship