Ch. Lamel Tong-Hua Tenzin Gyatso Bo
Everglo Nova Nag-Po of Bo
Everglo Dancing Flame
Chiyoko R A Ke-Tu Bo
Kai-La-Sha Silly 'Nilly
Ch. Kai-La-Sha Tom-Tru
Kai-La-Sha Pink Peony
Ch. Everglo Anya of Bo
Everglo Nova Panchen of Bo
Everglo Dancing Flame
Everglo Red Fantasy
Nova Kora of Bo
Ch. RA Chiyoko Go Figaro
Everglo Legacy of Robbee's



In the fall of 2005 Vesna and I started talking about breeding Anya. Of course our choice for the future father of her babies was Tanner. Combining these two excellent Lhasas could only result in good quality puppies. One night in November the mating took place, and Anya and Tanner decided that the best location to do it was outside in the snow. Poor Vesna and Matej had to wait for 45 minutes before they could take both dogs back inside!

On Januari 21 2006 Anya gave birth to 4 puppies - 2 males and 2 females. One baby girl was so tiny, and despite all Vesna and Matej did to keep her alive she passed away a few days later. It just wasn't meant to be... Little Angel will never be forgotten and we're sure she's always watching over her brothers and sister.

The other three grew up to be healthy and happy puppies and looked very promising. From the start it was clear that Nina (Tong-Hua Bo Chance to Dream) would stay with us. Bruce (Tong-Hua Bo Coffee Break) went to live with Karin Acker of von Tri-Song kennels in Germany. Alex (Tong-Hua Bo Courage of an Angel) went to live with Claudia Tödt of Pokhara kennels in Germany.

Nina is a copy of her mother. Not only does she look exactly like her mom, she has the same temperament. She is a very promising young lady now, and we can't wait to take her to the shows. Until she is ready to go to the shows, she is living with Vesna, Matej and all her furry friends in Slovenia. Watch out for our new star!

New born babies: Nina, Bruce, Alex
Eyes just opened
You just have to love me  
9 weeks old
Waiting for mommy
4 months old