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The summer of 2005 was coming to a close. All I had experienced was one crisis after another and was emotionally exhausted. I had not told anyone about all my problems because I didn't want people to worry about me. However, one lady sensed something was terribly wrong. When I could not handle my problems anymore, I sent her a very long email detailing the trauma I had been through. As soon as she read my email she called me immediately and we talked for a long time.

She came up with a solution, don't look back, start focusing on the future, and I will give you something to live for. This gift of life was to be “Milo.”

Milo was born at Gloria Fowler's home in Bakersfield, CA on June 13th 2005. Later on the litter was moved to Pat Capra’s Shigatse Kennels. He was out of a litter of 4. Pat was going to split this litter with Bo kennels. When Pat went to visit Bo in Michigan they took pictures of the puppies and e-mailed them to me I knew the little light blonde male was the one I wanted to share my life with. I decided to name him Milo, after my first home bred bitch Mylhana who passed away a couple of months earlier. His official name would be Bo Tanrag Mugpa Tong-Hua at Mo.

Pat told me that Milo was everyone's favorite puppy. He was the one who was always picked up and played with when people came to her house to see the puppies. We agreed that he would be the ideal Lhasa to share my life and that of my children. Making preparations for Milo's flight to The Netherlands took my mind of the trauma I had been through. Little by little I started feeling better and able to handle life again.

On September 4, I woke up and was welcomed by a beautiful and bright sunny day. I was very excited, because this was the day I would welcome home our newest family member. I was on pins and needles when I drove to the airport. When I arrived at the KLM Animal Hotel, the handlers told me that Milo was on his way over from the plane. Finally he arrived. The KLM staff must have felt that this was so important to me because they allowed me to access to the restricted kennel area to see my little boy. His paperwork had not even been processed yet. He was and still is my little angel and a true life saver. He wagged his tail, licked my hand, and his beautiful eyes were said, “Please don't worry, everything is going to be all right from now on.” From that moment I knew that Milo was the Lhasa Apso I had been waiting 19 years to own.

After his paperwork was completed, I could finally hold him in my arms. A soon as I left the Animal Hotel I called Betty and the only words I could stumble were “Thank you Mom, Thank you for this beautiful precious treasure.” Finally, I rushed home, where my children were anxiously waiting for their new furry brother. I will never forget their reactions when they first met Milo. They were over ecstatic. Milo had been so well socialized and it only took him 5 minutes to settle in and become the king of the house. He became best friends with our cat Pluisje and where ever one goes, the other one follows. They are like two peas in a pod and inseperable.

Milo has brought so much joy and laughter into our house that I have lovingly nicknamed him Mr. Sunshine. This name fits him perfectly, because since his arrival, every day is bright and sunny. Of course he is spoiled rotten, and there's nothing he's not allowed to do. He goes to the woods, goes swimming and plays with everything he can lay his paws on. At night he shares 'his' bed with Pluisje and me.

Thank you for letting me have Milo, I will be forever grateful for this wonderful gift from heaven!


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Milo's first photo, taken in the USA
First time on Dutch soil
My kids with their furry brother
My gift from heaven...
Milo's mommy Sammy
Sleeping on the sofa