Chiyoko's Wind B'Neath My Wings Sin-Sa's Double Take Ch. Tiara's Dream Weaver
Tabu's CL Tea Times of Sin-Sa
Chiyoko's Call The Wind Mariah Ch. Chiyoko's Home For Christmas
Ch. Chiyoko's Sweetheart
Tall Oaks Tibetan Treasure Tall Oaks JussE'Nuff K-TE Ch. Tall Oaks Enuff Z'Nuff K-Te
Tall Oaks Something Delightful
Tall Oaks Mo-Cha Li-Lha ROM Tall Oaks Mr. Bodean
Tall Oaks Syn-O-Min



In loving memory

We don't know where you are, we even don't know if you're still alive... We hope you finally found the love, peace and quietness you deserve. We're sorry for not being able to get you back, for not being there for you. We wanted to share our lives with you so badly, but the people who took and kept you away from us made it impossible for us to reach you. Please forgive us... Dearest Korky, you are forever in our thoughts and prayers.