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On November 21 1999 I made a trip to the airport where I had picked up two Lhasa Apsos. The first was Abby (Chiyoko's To Be Continued) and the second was Korky (Can. Ch. Chiyoko RA BMOC of Bo).

That evening I had some mixed feelings. I was extremely happy with Abby, but I was in total shock because of the heart breaking condition Korky was in upon his arrival. Korky had spent time with a Canadian handler, and this person had not taken proper care of this little fellow at all.

I immediately called Korky's owner to inform her of his condition. I then called Catherine Marley of the Kai-La-Sha kennels and informed her of the condition Korky was in. Cathy was sorry to learn Korky had been so neglected. Cathy knew how much I wanted to get back into the show ring. She offered me a 6 month old male, Kai-La-Sha Ku-Bo. I told Cathy at that time I could not have another dog in my home. Korky was a priority and I needed to focus on him for the time being along with Abby. We agreed that I would co own DJ and he would stay in the USA until I could have another dog in my home.

I accepted Cathy's generous gift and on Christmas day DJ was picked up. They flew to California, and they arrived at Bo kennels in Modesto, CA on Boxing day, which is my birthday. DJ was a nice dog and was shown by Lyle Reed and Roxanna Belshaw at the IABCA and AKC shows. He won BOB puppy, Group 2, Group 4, Best of Winners and Best of Breed at these shows.

DJ was on loan to Lamel kennels in Texas. I was at the airport when he arrived back to CA and was as devastated as Betty was seeing the condition of DJ’s coat. He had been clipped down. That put DJ's show career on hold.

In December of 2001 there was a major accident while while traveling with the dogs and they ended up staying with family in New Jersey. Heather became extremely attached to DJ. Heather begged to let DJ stay with her. DJ was an excellent companion for Heather’s first Lhasa, Anna. Several months later I allowed DJ to live with Heather permanently because he had become a true member of her family.


DJ at Cathy Marley's
In Cathy's garden
Winning Best of Winners
7 months old
BOB and Group 2 with Lyle Reed
BOB with Roxanna Belshaw