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Kai-La-Sha Pink Peony
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Coco (Everglo Bo Kolba Skamar at San-Mo) accompanied her litter brother Milo on his trip to The Netherlands. Since they are litter mates, it's only logical to say that she was also born at Pat Capra’s Shigatse Kennels. They actually didn't want to part with Coco, but after we did a contract which states that in the future she will be bred to Vesna's Tanner (Lamel Tong-Hua Tenzin Gyatso Bo) and a puppy girl out of that mating will be send back to the USA, she agreed on sending her.

Coco is 24 centimeters tall, very well proportioned and has excellent angulations. Her skull is typical, narrow, with perfect almond shaped, dark brown eyes. Her expression is what we look for in a Lhasa Apso. This expression was very typical of the original Lhasas when they first left Tibet. Her straight, harsh coat is brown with black tips and mask. She has a dense undercoat and a perfect bite.


Coco's first picture in the USA
Coco and Milo
Dutch lawn smells good!
Two treasures...
8 months old
Do I smell a bone??!