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16 months after Vesna and I met at Frankfurt International Airport we would meet in person again. On March 14, 2003 Vesna took an early flight from Ljubljana to Amsterdam, and I was waiting for her at the arrival area. She called me right after her flight had landed, asking me where she had to go to. Via the phone I led her to the luggage claim. Every time the doors of the arrival hall opened I was holding my breath expecting to see her. After a few minutes of waiting, there she was. It was an emotional reunion and we both cried tears of joy while hugging each other. But we had to move on, there was a little girl waiting for us!

The night before, Bo kennels had shipped a puppy to Amsterdam. This little girl was Anya, a black puppy out of Nova Kora of Bo sired by Everglo Nova Panchen of Bo. Since Vesna had proven herself to be tan ideal parent of a Lhasa Apso, she was now to be entrusted with Everglo Anya of Bo so she could carry on her breeding program.

Vesna spent the whole weekend with me in the Netherlands, and we had so much fun. My children adore her, and my oldest son never left her side. After a weekend of playing with Anya, going shopping, and attending concerts, we naturally did a lot of talking on the drive back to the airport. It was difficult to say good bye, but we knew we would meet again in a few months at the World Dog Show in Dortmund. Now we really had something to look forward to.

Anya is our princess. She has given us both a new perspective on attending dog shows. She is our first Best In Show Champion. Handling her in the show ring is really an easy job. Sometimes it makes us wonder “who is the true leader in the show ring?”

Anya is 26.5 centimeters tall, well muscled and very well proportioned and excellent angulations. Her expression is exactly what we are searching for in a Lhasa Apso. Her skull is typical, narrow, with perfect almond shaped, dark brown eyes.

Her blue black coat is straight, harsh, and she has a dense undercoat.

She has lovely temperament, she is sweet and gentle, but alert to strangers.

Anya is 5 years old. At her young age she is already a champion in four countries and she won numerous titles:

  • International Champion
  • Slovenian Champion
  • Croatian Champion
  • Bosnian Champion
  • Austrian Champion

  • Club Winner 2004, 2005
  • Skar-mo & BOB 2005

  • Best In Show Puppy Winner
  • Best In Show Winner
  • Multiply Best Of Group Winner
  • Multiply Best In Specialty Show Winner

  • Slovenian Top Lhasa Apso Bitch 2003
  • Slovenian Top Lhasa Apso 2005
  • Slovenian Top Tibetan Dog 2005


Anya was bred by Betty L. Ingram of Bo kennels in the United States and lives with Vesna Krajnc of Tong-Hua kennels in Slovenia. Thank you Vesna for taking such excellent care of our princess and leading her to all her wonderful wins!

Anya in the Netherlands
Packed to move to Slovenia!
Anya and Vesna
Maribor - Best In Specialty Show
Zadar - Best Of Group 3
Ljubljana - Best in Specialty Show