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One Saturday morning in October 1999, I woke up, turned my computer on to check my emails and there was an email from Marie offering me a straight Hamilton baby girl. I was ecstatic and naturally I accepted her offer. In exchange for this wonderful gift I created the Chiyoko website for Marie.

Abby (Chiyoko's To Be Continued) was given the required vaccinations, acquired a perfect heath certificate and a flight from Houston to Amsterdam was booked for her. I still remember how I cried of tears of joy when the handler at Schiphol's Animal Hotel handed Abby over to me. She was so beautiful, such a true Lhasa. I was on cloud nine with my new little girl.

Abby grew up to a gorgeous, typical Lhasa girl. She was 24,5 centimeters tall (a little under 10 inches), had a beautiful head and moved like a dream. Despite her close match to the standard she didn't do well at the shows. Only the breed specialists appreciated her type and size. Other judges told me so many times that she was way to small. These judges were used to seeing Lhasas that were really too big for the original standard and should not have been shown.

Showing Abby was always a joy, the critiques were always encouraging. When she was two years old I wanted to breed her, but there was no suitable male available in Europe. In the fall of 2001 I went to the United States to visit Betty Ingram, and I decided to take Abby with me. Betty was planning to have Abby bred to a Hamilton/Tibetan male. Unfortunately the breeding did not occur.

When Betty's brother, Pete deVolpi’s Daschund "Fritz Von Fuchs" crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2003, Betty offered him a Lhasa puppy. Pete declined since he was not ready for a new dog so soon after losing Fritz. After a few days Pete and his wife Ellen decided they did want another dog after all and with my approval was offered Abby. I was close to Pete as well since he and my Dad shared a common hobby. Both are Ham Radio Operators. Sadly, my Dad is no longer with me.

Abby at that time was a 5 year old retired show dog who had not been bred. After settling in for a while, Pete discussed Abby's future with me, Betty and Nancy Plunkett from Tabu-PA kennels. Through a mutual effort he was able to breed Abby. In September of 2004 she gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies. In September 2005 she gave birth to a second litter, and a third and final litter is planned for September 2006.

Three of the dogs from Abby's first litter are show dogs, and both dogs from the second litter are show dogs. This was truly a “worldwide” effort to bring Lhasa happiness to Pete and Ellen's house, and has resulted in the betterment of the Hamilton breed many times over. Abby's firstborn is Pepe "Ch. Tabu's Talisman of Wa" and he has been in constant companionship with his mother since he was born. Pete and Ellen love their Lhasas as much as life itself.


In loving memory - Pietro DeVolpi

When he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine, that all the world will be in love with night, and pay no worship to the garish sun...
Abby and Jari
Teenager Abby
At the show
Marie Allman holding Abby
Best In Show 7
Abby 2 years old